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The Crew wants to give you the best possible start! That’s why we try to make the process as clear as possible. If you are a match with our program, these are the 7 steps you will need to take before you’ll touch down in the Netherlands.

for signup

Prepare for signup

You are a founder and have an awesome idea and would like to establish your startup in the Netherlands. Nice. First things first. You need to prepare a bit before signing up for our help.

You’ve checked the possibilities to land your startup in the Netherlands and apply for a Startup Visa. To get a startup visa, you will need a few fundamentals:

1. An innovative idea for the Dutch market
2. Enough funds to live 1 year in the Netherlands
3. An experienced facilitator

If you bring the first two, we’ll connect you to the best fitting facilitator in our region. We have several facilitators specialized in the industries Digital, Energy, Water, Life Sciences and High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM).

Sign up via
this website

Sign up via this website

Sign up to our program to get started and we’ll help you with the next steps for your soft landing in the Netherlands. Use our form on this website. This form will help you prepare a bit more. Use this pitch deck template to be sure your submission will be accepted! 

We’ll check
and evaluate
your sign up
within 15 days

We’ll check and evaluate your sign up within 15 days

We will check and evaluate your application to see if you tick all the boxes. Don’t worry, we won’t keep you in suspense too long. Within 15 working days you’ll find out if we see the potential to be a match.


We will meet up soon

We think your startup can potentially fit our program. Let’s plan a first date! We’re interested in your startup but even more interested in you, the entrepreneur. During this meet up, we’ll get to know each other and find out if there’s a mutual match.

We’ll match you with the best facilitator

The most important thing during a startup visa year is the right match between a startup and facilitator. The facilitator will guide you through the startup ecosystem and will offer their knowledge to help and make your startup a succes. The Startup Visa NL Crew will match you with the right facilitator and innitiate the first call. It’s important that both the startup and facilitator feel that they can make a successful startup visa year!

Apply for your Startup Visa

Now it’s time to apply for your visa! We help you to get all the necessary documents in check and support your facilitator with the application. The IND and RVO will check your application. This process takes approximately 6 weeks.

Hooray! Time to help you touch down.

Get the warmest welcome and everything you need for a smooth landing in the Netherlands. We’ll start your journey even before you arrive. You’ll receive all the information you need on housing, healthcare, opening a bank account, enrolling your children to the international school, and a social network. Of course we’ll also help you understand the (business) culture and some of the basics of our language. Once you’ve arrived in the Netherlands, the Startup Visa NL crew will make sure you feel right at home. It’s what we do.

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Start your
launch now

You have an awesome and innovative startup. Check! You know the ins and outs of the startup visa. Check! You are ready to sign up. Show us your ambitions and we will evaluate if your startup ticks all the boxes. Go big or go home!

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