Startup Visa – Ukraine

Any Ukrainian citizen with an innovative business idea who wants to relocate can obtain a Dutch Startup Visa. If you have a startup (idea), you are able to set up in the Northeastern Netherlands.

Ukraine’s citizens can come to the Netherlands for 90 days – within this timeframe we will find you a suitable facilitator and make sure that you are here to stay for the duration of a Startup Visa year.  In the best-case scenario, we’ll help you to move back to Ukraine after the startup visa year. But if this is not possible, the Crew can support you to check if you are eligible for a self employed visa. Sign up here.


What is the startup visa

Startup Visa: for businesses with an innovative business model that is supported by a ‘Facilitator’. These facilitators are based in the Northeastern Netherlands. The Crew will create the right match based on your startup (idea). Sign up here. 

What will we do for you? 

  1. Check your application and contact you (within a working day)
  2. Discuss the possibilities
  3. Help you with the process of going to the Netherlands
  4. Connect you with the right facilitator
  5. Help you settle in the Netherlands

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If the startup visa is not applicable for your situation, check the information below:

Questions regarding residence and asylum in the Netherlands? The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service has a page with all the information. You can find information about Residence/Work Permits in the northern Netherlands on the website of the International Welcome Center North. 

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