Meet the Crew

Let’s introduce you to the faces behind Startup Visa NL! Our crew is here to ensure you the smoothest soft landing you could ever imagine. Want to find out what drives us to do this?

Francisca Medina

Project Lead Friesland

Travelling and hiking are her hobbies, and she’s looking forward to accompanying you on your trail!

Michiel Krake

Project Lead Twente

Has a talent for advising startups, and is a DJ in his spare time!

Elmar de Jong

Project Lead Groningen

Loves to race around on his bike and can’t wait to talk about your startup!

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– You know the ins and outs of the startup visa: check!
You are ready to sign up for your startup visa in the Northeastern Netherlands.

Show us your ambitions and we will evaluate if your startup ticks all the other boxes.
Go big or go home!

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