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Here to let your startup successfully land in the Netherlands

Calling all future entrepreneurs based outside of the EU! Launch your startup in the Northeastern Netherlands, one of the top countries for startups in Europe. We are the crew that will give you a soft landing and an exciting future.

Do we match?

It all starts with the perfect match! To get a Startup Visa, you will need a few fundamentals: an innovative idea, enough funds to live in the Northeastern Netherlands for a year and an experienced facilitator. If you bring the first two, we’ll connect you to the best fitting facilitator in our region. We have several facilitators specialising in Digital, Energy, Water, Life Sciences and High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM). What are you waiting for? Request the whitepaper to find out if your startup ticks all the boxes.

Start your
launch now

Are you ready to start your launch? Let’s do the check:
– You have an awesome and innovative startup: check! 
– You know the ins and outs of the startup visa: check!
You are ready to sign up for your startup visa in the Northeastern Netherlands.

Show us your ambitions and we will evaluate if your startup ticks all the other boxes.
Go big or go home!


We made a list with the most frequently asked questions. You can find that list on this page!

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